Who We Are

Since it’s inception 1998, Pagarani International Ltd (PILCO) has built a reputation as a reliable and quality focused importer and wholesaler of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds and Spices. As a  family business we take pride in forming long lasting and trusting relationships with our customers and suppliers. We work only with the best packers and processors in each of our product categories and we aim to service all customers regardless of size. Whether you require our products for raw packing or for processing, you can rely on us to provide you with the highest quality produce. As importers, we tend to stock most of our product range continuously throughout the year. Please ask us for a quote!!

Why Choose Us?

Working closely with carefully selected factories and processors allows us to form close relationships with all our suppliers; providing them with valuable customer feedback and suggestions regarding continuous product and process improvement. This is followed up by us with regular factory visits and audits. We are constantly learning from our customers all of whom have unique product requirements. We therefore tend to stock several sizes and grades of each nut to satisfy our customers unique requirements ranging from top quality packing grades to industrial  / manufacturing grades.

Our Services

1. Delivery of ¼, ½ or Mixed Pallet Loads

2. Pallet load deliveries of individual items

3. Direct Container Shipments

4. The ability to forward book on selected items

5. Product Specifications and Health Certificates for all products supplied